Beauty out of Brokenness

God promises to bring beauty out of brokenness. Believing that promise doesn't make the pain go away, but it does make us unshakable in the midst of the pain. Click picture to read more...

3 Reasons to Not Worry

Everyone worries; some more than others. But wouldn’t it be great if we all could worry less or even not worry at all? Jesus gives us insight to a worry-free life for his people. Click picture to continue reading...

My Summer Reading List 2018

Summer creates a little more space for relaxing and slowing down the normal pace of busy life.  This reality can provide a great opportunity for reading.  Here are eight books I plan to read this summer.  

Introducing the Main Street Podcast

Introducing FBC's newest audio podcast - Main Street: Where Gospel and Life Intersect. The aim of Main Street's audio podcast is the same as the blog - to be a supplement in thinking through issues from a Christian worldview.

How To Deal With Shame

Everyone has shame and everyone has a way of dealing with shame. We often appeal to our subjective feelings. But the gospel gives us an objective response to our shame. Click on picture to read more...

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